Christian’s Photography Equipment

Quite a few people have asked me what photographic equipment I use. Here is the info. Just send me an email if you have any further questions.

Canon vs. Nikon

Well, since I started with wildlife photography in 2001 I use Canon equipment. The only reason why I do use Canon and not Nikon is because I started with Canon. I teach a lot of people with either equipment and it is a bit like with religion – the basic message is the same – just different implementations 🙂

In my opinion it does not matter which equipment you use, as long as you make good use of it. In case you are interested in my Motion Photography Method go to

This is the list of the equipment I currently use:

Image Capture


3 x Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

1 x Canon EOD 1Ds

1 x Apple iPhone 7 Plus

1 x DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone

Memory Cards:
SanDisk SD CF cards Extreme Pro

** Canon EF 4.0/500mm L
** Canon EF 2.8/300mm L
Canon EF 3.5/180mm L Macro
Canon EF 1.4/50mm
* Canon EF 3.5-5.6/28-300mm L
**Canon EF 2.8/70-200mm L
Canon EF 2.8/24-70mm L
Canon EF 4.0/17-40mm L
* this lens is used daily (with one camera body – on game drives with guests)
** these lenses are mainly used when I drive by myself to take pictures (with all three bodies)

Image Post Processing and Presentation

Dell Studio XPS workstation with 2 x 27″ screens
Dell XPS laptop 14″ and Dell XPS laptop 17″
Apple iPad Pro 12.9″

ACDSee Pro (for selection and picture/file administration)
Corel Paintshop Pro (for editing)
Canon Digital Photo Professional (for RAW processing)
Note: I shoot almost everting in JPG and RAW

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