What a weekend!

I enjoyed another successful birding weekend at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve. These are pictures I took of only a few of the bird species which we sighted on walks and game drives. The next birding weekend will be from 6 to 9 August. A few rooms are still available!

Contact res@pakamisa.co.za for more information or reservations

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Full of energy …

With energy into the new week 😊

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The Little Mamba at Pakamisa

The Little Mamba (my Suzuki Jimny 😊) and I are back for another birding weekend on Pakamisa Private Game Reserve. These weekends are a most relaxing combination of enjoyable birding, superb cuisine , invigorating walks and time spent with good friends. I took this picture yesterday evening in front of the Pakamisa horse stables.

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The Trunk …

If anyone tells you Elephants drink through their trunk, tell them they should try to drink through their nose 😊.

Elephants use their trunks like a large syringes. The fill them with water and then empty them into their mouth!

Depending on their size they can drink between 70 and 200 liters (18-50 Gal.) of water per day. The trunk will hold up to 10 liters (2.6 Gal.) to be deposited into the mouth at one go!

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… are as impressive as small Lions are cute. Have a good day!

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… are as cute as large Lions are impressive. Have a good day!

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What an amazing catch!

or …. Never ignore your own rules!

Over the years I have developed my own set of rules when flying a drone. I have avoided major accidents and damage by sticking to those rules. One of them is never to fly sideways or backwards when flying on low altitude with no direct visual of the drone.

Yesterday evening I took some aerial pictures of Thanda House (to create

a tree map of the garden). And I ‘landed’ my drone in the high branches of a fever tree over 15 meters above the ground – when ignoring my own rules!

It lodged itself in the branches with two of the rotors unable to restarts.

This morning Mariana from Thanda Safari’s wildlife team helped me with a long pole to dislodge the drone from the tree.

And with an amazing catch she saved my DJI Mavic Mini 2 from hitting the vehicle she was standing on while holding a 12 meter pole in her other hand.

Thanks to her, Kent and Cait for coming to the drone rescue.

The little flying machine was perfectly fine after its adventure in the fever tree branches.

One of my lucky days 😊