No Power – Three Hours !


During our last power failure – which lasted about 6 hours – I decided to leave my hot office and spend a few hours at the kuMasinga Hide and at Nsumo Pan on Mkhuze Game Reserve.

In the three hours I sat at the two hides I took mainly bird pictures. I thought I create a little bird quiz from these images.

Can you identify all 11 species?

Have fun and a good week!



Water, finally …

Thanda Safari

For the last few weeks we had proper rainfalls (over 125 mm) and most of the waterholes at Thanda Safari are now filling up nicely!

The small picture shows a herd of Buffalo in a completely dry dam only a few weeks ago. The big picture of the same waterhole was taken this week. Let us hope the rains will continue to the end of the wet season…


In the small picture below the Elephant bulls were bathing in an almost empty dam. The large image shows the same dam almost full. The Elephants would now be under water 🙂


Pictures by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Safari

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A Rough Meal

Thanda Safari


When food is plentiful and the kill is large a pride of Lions will feed without a lot of fuss. But if the carcass is small and there are many Lions it can be a rough meal. If the dominant male is present then he will demand to eat first in peace and quiet. If any other member of pride approaches there will be a lot of growling and if they come to close the huge paws and long claws will come into action.

In this sighting two Lionesses and a young male had killed a Wildebeest and were feeding when the dominant male appeared. A fight over the food broke out. After the initial confrontation the Lions were ‘sharing’ the kill, but it was a noise and violent affair.

After he finished his meal the large male got up and started walking towards a nearby waterhole for a drink. This…

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I have just uploaded a few more Leopard images taken between 2005 and 2016. Have a look at (total 74 images).

This is one of many species gallery available online at

Please contact me at in case you are interested in publishing any of these images or if you would like to license any image for printing (for personal or commercial use).

These are the newly uploaded images!

Morning stroll ...

Morning stroll …

Change sides ...

Change sides …

Relax ...

Relax …

Rest and drink ...

Rest and drink …

Safe ...

Safe …

Rush ...

Rush …

Next to the road ...

Next to the road …


From the archives …

I have just uploaded 74 more Cheetah images taken between 2004 and early 2017. Have a look at (total 189 images).

This is one of many species gallery available online at

Please contact me at in case you are interested in publishing any of these images or if you would like to license any image for printing (for personal or commercial use).

These are a few of these new images!















My Favorite Smart Devices Apps

Recently a lot of people have asked me what applications I use on my smart devices (I got an iPhone 6Plus and an iPad Pro 12.9″).

I have used and tested many (hundreds) of apps for many different purposes (I own an iPhone since the original version came onto the market). Currently I have about 150 installed on my phone and I use about half of them regularly, the others not so frequently.  Whenever possible I will use paid apps, because I believe that the creator of an app should be rewarded and most free apps have some serious shortcomings (either adverts and/or limited functionality). On my iPad I use some additional apps which make use of the Apple Pen.

Here are my favorite nine smart phone apps (for photo end video editing):


This is a picture taken with my iPhone and then edited with Camera+


And this is a video which I took with my iPhone and it was edited with VideoShop:


The Cheetah brothers on a kill …

As I walked out of my room at Thanda House I spotted the two Thanda Cheetah brothers just beyond our garden’s northern fence line. They were moving west, while carefully checking for other predators.

I walked around the building to my vehicle when I saw them again much closer to our northern gate. They were now feasting on a large Kudu cow, who must have been killed a while ago (large parts of her were already eaten). Her unborn calf was lying next to her. Unlike Lions, who would have eaten the fetus immediately, the two Cheetahs were eating the adult Kudu first.

This kill was so large that the Cheetah would never finish it. So Hyenas, Jackals, Vultures and many other smaller creatures will enjoy meals from this Kuku cow.


Checking around …


Moving along the Thanda house fence …


On the kill …


Feeding together – no fighting over the large meal …


Always on the lookout for possible thieves …


A few hours later – full bellies and still a lot of meat left – the Hyenas will love it!


And this is my favorite shot from that afternoon …

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