A look back!

It is custom to have a look at the previous year when the new one has just started.

For me it has been a good year. I enjoy my life and work in the South African bush as much as when I moved here in 2012. Since then I have led over 1,000 game drives, I have had over 1,600 Big Five sightings, I taught over 900 people my way of motion/wildlife photography and I have written over 900 blog posts.

Today I would like to share with you some of my favorite pictures of 2016: One wildlife picture per month and a bonus scenery picture 🙂 – Thank you for following my blog!

I hope you will enjoy my photographer’s picks for 2016 and I hope that all of us will have a good 2017!

January - Relax!

January 2016 – Relax!

February 2016 - Charge!

February 2016 – Charge!

March 2016 - Run!

March 2016 – Run!

April 2016 - Fight!

April 2016 – Fight!

May 2016 - Neck!

May 2016 – Neck!

June 2016 - Curious!

June 2016 – Curious!

July 2016 - An itch!

July 2016 – An itch!

August 2016 - Evening light!

August 2016 – Evening light!

September 2016 - Wary!

September 2016 – Wary!

October 2016 - Family! (My personal favorite for 2016)

October 2016 – Family! (My personal favorite for 2016)

November 2016 - Age!

November 2016 – Age!

December 2016 - Chase!

December 2016 – Chase!

Scenery 2016 - African Sky!

Scenery 2016 – African Sky!


I wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

… with my favorite scenery image of 2016: The sky over Thanda Safari on 30 December 2016!

Stay tuned for a blog message about my wildlife sightings between Christmas and New Year … coming soon …


2 Month Old


During yesterday morning’s game drive we spotted the newest additions to the Thanda South Pride of Lions (seen for the first time, ever). The mother must have introduced the two cubs (+/- 2 month old) very recently to the Pride. The two youngster were very shy at their first vehicle encounter and went into thick bush to wait for the ‘large unknown animal’ to disappear. I was able to take two images before they moved off. Very soon they will get used to the vehicles, observing their mum’s reaction – or lack thereof – to our game viewers. I am sure there will be great sightings to come!



Featured Image -- 83540

Pakamisa’s 20 Years Celebration

I really enjoyed being part of this celebration, helping preparing the event and then taking pictures during the evening. Thanks to Isabella and Anthony for their friendship and for having me on Pakamisa so often. The 20 year anniversary celebration was my 30th stay at this magnificent place 🙂
PS: Most of the songs which Lana and Victor performed could have been requested by me. So many of my favorites – from Verdi’s Traviata, over Pucchini’s Turandot, past Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera all the way to Frank Sinatra’s My Way 🙂

Pakamisa Private Game Reserve

In 1996, I arrived with some of my horses from Spain with the Lodge opening to the public in 2001. This year we celebrate Pakamisa’s 20 year Anniversary.

Last month we had a special celebration with guests from the Pongola area. As a great surprise Lana English & Victor Siljeur, two superb classical singers, performed beautiful opera arias and musical pieces for an enchanted audience.

From a mountainous Austria ... From a mountainous Austria …

... to the Rolling Hills of Zululand … to the Rolling Hills of Zululand

From a reception with a presentation ... From a reception with a presentation …

... to a festive dinner with classical music … to a festive dinner with classical music

Lana English & Victor Siljeur performing opera arias and musical favourites Lana English & Victor Siljeur performing opera arias and musical favourites

Isabella Stepski and Lana English Isabella Stepski and Lana English, friends since many years

Pakamisa's El Prado restaurant was the perfect venue for this unique 63 guests celebration Pakamisa’s El Prado restaurant was the perfect venue for this unique 63 guests celebration

Pictures by Christian Sperka Photography

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If you like Barbets then this is the post message for you 🙂

I have just uploaded my Barbet images taken between 2002 and 2016.

Acaia Pied Barbet – http://www.sperka.biz/sgb13

Black-collared Barbet – http://www.sperka.biz/sgb14

Crested Barbet – http://www.sperka.biz/sgb15

These are three more new species galleries available online at http://www.sperka.biz/sg

Please contact me at info@sperka.com in case you are interested in publishing any of these images or if you would like to license any image for printing (for personal or commercial use).




Four Drives – A Picture Diary

I drove Thanda Safari guests for the last three days. We had some great sightings and I thought I would share the most exciting sightings with you. So here they are …

It is amazing how many great sightings one can have in only four drives if the weather is right and luck is on your side!

Bloody – The Thanda Safari North Pride Lions were feeding on a Wildebeest kill!

Charge – A Black Rhino bull gave us an exciting mock charge – we had two more Black Rhino sightings!

Morning Light – Two Giraffes were posing for us in the perfect morning light.

A ‘Small Five’ – We found a large female Leopard Tortoise. She was moving into high grass to hide.

Zebras, Zebras and more Zebras – On all four game drives we saw large numbers of general game. Especially the large herds of Zebras impressed the overseas guests.

Growing fast – Thanda Safari’s youngest Elephant is growing fast – I last saw the little one a few weeks ago and he has grown visibly since then.

Naughty – Vervet Monkeys provide great sighting, as long as they are far away from our Villa, our Lodge and our Tented Camp.

A Favorite – One of the favorite sightings over the last two days were Warthogs.

Night time – On the way back to Thanda’s Villa iZulu we had to stop as this young Python was crossing the road. I got out of the game viewer and shot some close-ups.

Relaxed – These White Rhinos were far more relaxed than their ‘black cousins’

Evening Drinks – A herd of Cape Buffalo arrived at a waterhole when we got news about White Rhinos nearby – tough choice!

Many Birds – This European Roller was one of many bird sightings – from small (Blue Waxbill) to large (Common Buzzard)

… and many more sightings!