Photography Services

As Wildlife Photographer and Field Guide, Christian offers many different services. Please contact him at (or use the form below) in case you are interested in …

Photography Oriented Game Drives (Thanda Safari Only – Book a private photography safari vehicle with Christian as your guide)

Wildlife Photography Lessons (on Thanda Safari or on other venues – from beginners to photography enthusiasts)

Wedding Photography (Thanda Safari Only)

Photography Services for Game Reserves (Wildlife, Scenery, People, Interior, Exterior, Food, …)

Wildlife Photography Purchases (Images for personal, non-profit or commercial use) Online Galleries

Website / Blogging Site Design Services for Game Reserves (Based on WordPress)

‘Photography Oriented Driving’ Courses for Guides (Teaching guides to provide the best environment for their guests with cameras)


If you want to spend time with me in the bush and learn more about wildlife photography or if you are an experienced wildlife photographer and you would like the ultimate luxury & photography game viewing vehicle I suggest to book The Green Mamba 1. Read more about it at

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