Those eyes!

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COVID-19 Vaccinated & Ready For Travel 😊

I got my second COVID-19 vaccine injection today! Thanda Safari had organized for a medical team to offer vaccination on site. Many of our staff members participated in the information meeting (given in the isiZulu language) and then got their first injection of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Johnson&Johnson vaccines.

The picture shows a few of the medical team members at Thanda. Thanks for this great service!

PS: I have now booked my next trip to Germany. I will visit my family and friends in Germany and Switzerland from 16 October to 1 November.

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Morning …

This morning’s beautiful misty morning sunrise

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A Cheetah Study!

This evening we had a beautiful Cheetah sighting on Thanda Safari. These are a few of the images I took of these incredible creatures. Have a good weekend!

The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS R6 Camera and a Canon EF 1/500 f/4 L lens.

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Angry Bird!

This Yellow-billed Hornbill had a very serious expression when it took its afternoon sand bath!

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Looking for the ladies!

Yesterday morning our two dominant male Lions were scanning a valley and following a scent trail in search for two young females. We had tracked the them for a few kilometers when we found them on top of a hill displaying themselves in all their ‘majesty’. But they never caught up with the ladies on that morning.

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Good bye …

As we approached the Thanda Safari gate this morning one of our Lioness just passed the gate. This was a very special ‘good bye’ surprise for our guests after their three day stay with many exciting sightings.

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First pictures …

… taken with my new Canon EOS R6 camera…

This afternoon I went on the first game drive with my newest and first mirrorless camera. It has amazing capabilities in terms of low-light-photography and speed. With a special adapter I can use all my lenses (as the f/4 500mm shown in one of the pictures). I am working on fine-tuning the setup which is key for motion photography.

I am looking forward to producing many interesting wildlife shots with my new tool!

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