For the last two months many bird lovers have enjoyed my daily WhatsApp bird quiz. In total I did 67 posts with over 200 birds to be identified. This quiz (#1) will continue for all who had signed up originally with various pictures and birds daily. If you are one of the recipients then you can ignore the rest of this message.

But quite a few people have asked me recently if I could re-start the quiz from the beginning so they get to identify all the 200 birds.

Well, here we go …

If you have received this message on WhatsApp then just reply to this post with ‘Quiz2’ and I will add you to the Broadcast Listing for the quiz #2.

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The quiz #2 will start on 15 October 2020.

Have fun 😊🐦


What an incredible site it is when a Giraffe is running full speed.

Have a good evening!

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I get often asked the question if I have any pets. And the answer is no. Unless one counts the frog sitting on my door hunting bugs and an Nyala bull who has figured out how to walk over the cattle grid at Thanda Houses’ gate without getting zapped by 10,000 volt. He is going in and out as he pleases and he is very relaxed when I pass him walking from my office to my room. And then there are all the creatures on the 14,000ha (35,000 acres) game reserve surrounding my home.

Conclusion: No pets needed 😊

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This week I hosted two very serious birders from Pretoria, Annelize and Gerhard, who have currently 608 birds on their life list. Gerhard also enjoys his bird photography very much.

They stayed for four nights at the Thanda Safari Lodge and had booked the Green Mamba 1, my Photographic Safari Vehicle, for their stay.

Having a private safari vehicle gave them the freedom to shape their own schedule which included all morning birding drives, a night safari and 2-hour sessions at various Thanda Safari birding-hotspots. We even added an excursion to the kuMasinga hide at Mkuze Game Reserve, which is one of the most productive bird hides in the country.

Annelize and Gerhard were very happy with the 118 bird sightings which they were able to note on the Thanda Safari bird cecklist. This was especially impressive as most of the Summer birds have not arrived yet back on Thanda.

The beautiful and comfortable surroundings of the Thanda Safari Lodge, the excellent cuisine and the great dangerous game and general game sightings made this the perfect place for their first getaway after the long lockdown period.

These are five collages illustrating the various facets of their highly enjoyable stay.

They will be back, soon!

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #thandasafari @thandasafari



I know that you are expecting wildlife picture posts and wildlife video posts but many of my safari guests enjoy my ‘Chocorulas’ during our morning drink stops in the bush very much. So I thought I share the recipe with you. ☕️

1. Put two to three teaspoons of a good quality hot chocolate powder in a mug.

2. Add single or double tots of Amarula and stir the mix until it becomes a fine paste (no lumps).

3. Now add a strong, short espresso (or ristretto) to the mug. If you use Nespresso coffee then the ‘Kazar’ blend will be perfect.

4. Froth some milk (as you would do for a cappuccino)

5. Now pour the froth and a bit of hot milk into your mug.

6. Decorate it with a bit of chocolate or cocoa powder.

Done! Enjoy your Chocorula!

Don’t worry, this will not turn into a cooking channel, Wildlife will be back this evening 😊


Since the beginning of this month I am offering a bird quiz with three birds to be identified each day 🐦

Participants receive a daily WhatsApp message with the bird pictures and can send me their IDs if they like 🐦

On the next day after the post I send the answers 🐦

The current participants seem to enjoy this very much, so I thought I send another invitation to all my followers on social media 🐦

Just send me a WhatsApp message to +27633294323 in case you would like to be included 🐦

PS: This morning’s bird was a Cape Starling


I am sure you have heard of the Big Five (African Lion, Leopard, African Bush Elephant, Black Rhino and Cape Buffalo) and you might have heard of the Small Five (Ant Lion, Leopard Tortoise, Elephant Shrew, Rhino Beetle and Buffalo Weaver).

This is a collage of a more unusual grouping called the Secret Seven. These mammals are very hard to find and are on the sighting wish list of most regular safari goers. I have seen six of the seven – on very rare occasions – in my 20 years of safaris. The only one I have never seen is a Pangolin 😊

PS: The Wednesday bird from this morning was a Martial Eagle

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotograph


*A question for the birders among you?* 🐦

I will create a special WhatsApp Broadcast List for everyone who would like to get my daily bird ID quiz 🐦

Just send me a WhatsApp message to +27633294323 in case you would like to be included 🐦

The quiz will start tomorrow! 🐦