Soft colors …

Yesterday’s soft sunset colors over the Rolling hills of Zululand. Photographed from Pakamisa Private Game Reserve.

Sometimes …

… on a very hot day mammals are just not available for sightings on game drives. They hide in the shade of thick bush and are not visible at all.

At such times smaller creatures like spiders can provide beautiful material for wildlife photography.

On Sunday afternoon I took some guests on a drive down ‘spider alley’ and we observed these fascinating creatures waiting patiently for prey or devouring it.

Here are some of the pictures taken of Golden Orb Spiders, Garden Orb Spiders and Bark Spiders.

My guests enjoyed this special arachnid drive very much!

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Just beautiful!

A Kudu cow in high summer grass. I took this picture last night on Pakamisa.

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #pakamisagamereserve @pakamisagamereserve

Slow, slower, slowest!

This is one of the few larger animals, which are slower than humans. Instead of running away the Leopard Tortoise defends itself by withdrawing into its formidable carapace.

It is the fourth largest tortoise species in the world.

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #pakamisagamereserve @pakamisagamereserve

The last …

This is my last wildlife image for 2021!

I took it this morning on a short game drive in the rain. As in the last few years I am enjoying the turn of the year with my friends at Pakamisa (

I hope all of you will have a great evening welcoming 2022!

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Sometimes a space in a picture invites the placement of a logo. Last weekend I took this Giraffe picture at Pakamisa in beautifully moody evening light.

A journey of Giraffes passed by the stables after all the horses were put into their boxes for the night. I think the logo fits neatly into the frame 😊.

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #pakamisagamereserve @pakamisagamereserve

The Milky Way and a shooting Star – Relaxing under the stars

It is an incredible experience to drive into the bush, to turn off all lights, to wait 15 to 30 minutes until the human night vision is fully established, and then to enjoy the incredible view of the Milky Way.

Even with the naked eye it is possible to observe many constellations, some of the planets, and on a lucky day even a shooting star!

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Birding & Photography Weekend @ Pakamisa

I will be at Pakamisa for another very special weekend (see below of all details). Contact for reservations.


James will show the guests how wild birds are caught, ringed and released back into the bush and Christian will provide valuable advice on bird and wildlife photography. Local field guide and birding specialist Chamu and horticulturalist Lizelle will conduct game drives and bush walks. Isabella Stepski, Pakamisa’s owner and horse enthusiast, is available for outrides.

Day 1 – Friday 10th September

From 12:00 Arrival

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Game drive or ‘flora and fauna’ walk

18:30 Meet in the bar with a talk about bird ringing 19:00 Four course dinner

Day 2 – Saturday 11th September

7:00 Tea, coffee and biscuits

7:30 Depart for birding ringing event

8:00 Bird ringing event

11:00 Brunch

15:00 Birding game drive or photography game drive or horse ride 17:15 Drinks as the sun sets, followed by a short night (owl) drive 19:30 Four course dinner

Day 3 – Sunday 12th September

7:00 Game drive or ‘flora and fauna’ walk

9:00 Breakfast

10:30 Smart phone photography lesson (optional)

11:00 Photography lesson (optional)

13:30 Brunch

15:00 Birding game drive or photography game drive or horse ride 17:15 Drinks as the sun sets

19:30 Four course dinner

Day 4 – Monday 13th September

7:00 Game drive or ‘flora and fauna’ walk

9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Smart phone photography lesson (optional) 12:00 Departure

Offered activities:

– Bird ringing event

– Birding game drives

– ‘Flora and fauna’ bush walks

– Photography game drives

– Photography lessons

– Horse riding

For more information and/or bookings please contact Isabella at