Accident 20140810 - Christian Sperka (3)

As many of you know I do not like to drive at night, but sometimes I drive just locally to dinner or to the petrol station.

Last night – when returning from a visit to a petrol station – a black cow appeared out of the dark directly in front of the car. At the time I was driving about 110 km/h (~70 mph/h). The airbags deployed, the windscreen cracked and the car lost all electricity before I was even able to step on the brakes. I kept the car straight and came to a standstill as soon as I could. The miracle was that I was not hurt (not even a scratch). When I got out of my car – admittedly a bit shaky – the dead cow lay on the side of the road.

My rugged Toyota Fortuner and the fact that I wore a seat belt saved my life! As this car is probably a write-off, I am certainly planning to buy the same life-saving vehicle again!

I called for help and Magdel and Warren from Thanda came to my aid, helped me at the accident site and took me back to Thanda. Thank you very much, I will not forget!

This is a story about a very lucky guy in Africa!


  1. Thank God you’re alright! Please be careful and hope you’re not too sore in the days to come!

  2. I’m sure glad to here that your ok.. That car looks a mess. Sounds like steak is in order. I like mine med. So go fire up that grill and have a nice drink to go with it and relax for a minute.Dark is very dark there and you never know what you might run into. So Be Safe and Have A Great One.

  3. So glad that you are okay Christian…that can be scary especially at night. Up here in Tennessee we have to be on the lookout for deer that run out in front of us…I am a nervous wreck driving at night for this very reason….but where you are I would be terribly afraid that other wild animals would show up before help arrived. Like I said esarlier, glad that you are alright..

  4. Thanks for all the kind comments – you all seem to be glad to have me around a bit longer 🙂

    And here are a few answers to your various questions …

    … The road is one of the national highways (N2) in excellent condition – I was travelling on a straight stretch with a 120 km/h speed limit and the road was marked well. Most people are actually speeding a little on these roads, so with about 110km/h I was rather slow that night 😦

    … I had never seen a cow along that stretch of the road during the day and I am travelling between Thanda and Mkuze a lot. Further north towards Pongola there are always lots of cows and goats around, so there I usually drive very cautious even during the day!

    … There was no risk for dangerous wild animal encounters while I was standing along that road. This road is outside of any game reserves and the only common wildlife around are Vervet Monkeys and Helmeted Guinea Fowls 🙂

    … The cow did not go to waste. As per local custom I was the owner of the cow once it stepped in front of my car (no owner would ever claim the cow as he would be responsible for the damages to my car, so that makes the cow part of the “reparation” for my damage). Only a few minutes after the accident men from one of the local communities appeared and were looking covetously at “my” cow. After the police had explained to me the local customs I “officially” gave the cow to the community. They carved it up immediately and I am sure a lot of people had a feast as a result of this accident. I you want to have a look at the cow click here: [Caution: Do not click on this link if a picture of a dead animal might disturb you – Thanks] https://christiansperka.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/accident-20140810-christian-sperka-1.jpg

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