The ANTELOPES of Thanda

On safari we talk a lot about the big five and most of the pictures we post are about them. The antelopes are often overlooked in photography even if one sees them far more often than the Big Five.

Over the last few days I have introduced the five antelope species, which I am seeing most on my game drives: Impala, Wildebeest, Nyala, Kudu and Waterbuck.

In this collage I have included the other seven species living on Thanda. Some of them are not seen so often, but they are around.

1 Greater Kudu *

2 Waterbuck *

3 Blue Wildebeest *

4 Nyala *

5 Common Reedbuck

6 Impala *

7 Southern Bushbuck

8 Mountain Reedbuck

9 Common Duiker

10 Natal Red Duiker

11 Steenbok

12 Suni

> Listed in order of weight/size

* = Commonly seen on Thanda

Not only the Five!

It is not always the Big Five which provide beautiful and special sightings. This Waterbuck bull was looking at us when we drove towards him on Ndlovu Highway. A rare treat.

We got many different antelope species on Thanda. Next to Waterbuck we have Impala, Wildebeest, Nyala, Kudu, Duiker, Steenbok and Reedbuck on the reserve.

… and a little special Waterbuck info: Waterbuck and Elephant are the only two large mammal species on Thanda which will not allow Oxpeckers to sit on them and feast on their ticks (see yesterday’s post: