QUIZ: Small cats …

… (_Felinae_ Subfamily) – I only have pictures of four of the 31 ‘small wild cat species’. Can you identify these four? Just leave a comment if you think you know all of them 🐈 This was the last of ten days of cats posts 😊

Wild Cats …

… are my favorite photographic targets in all their varieties.

This charts gives an overview over the 39 species of cats (38 in the wild) in the Felidae family and their scientific classification into two subfamilies and 14 genera.

Later today I will finish this ‘cats posts’ series with a little quiz 😊

Mammal Friday – Cheetah

This young *Cheetah* female was very alert when I took this picture. She made a quick bark-like sound as we came a bit too close for her comfort. As we backed off she relaxed and stayed for a photo session.

Interesting Cheetah fact: Cheetahs cannot roar. Non-roaring cats like Cheetahs have a one-piece hyoid bone. Only four of the 38 wild cat species can roar: Lion, Tiger, Leopard and Jaguar.

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What cat is that?

A short quiz for the cat lovers among you!

These are 16 pictures of 14 different cat species – what species are they?