As promised last night here is a short video of the two Cheetah boys having a busy time analyzing all the scents left by other Cheetahs. They sound a bit out of breath for a good reason. Just before I was taking this video they were jogging for quite a while.

The snorting sound you hear at the end of the video in the background is not me 😊. It is the alarm call of some Zebras watching the Cheetah from a distance.

Have a good week!

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After over 100 days of ‘quarantine’ in a boma our Cheetah coalition was re-released onto the reserve. One of the two males had broken his leg and after the required surgery the duo had to remain in the boma for recovery.

Both cats showed a lot of energy after their release and started inspecting their territory. Scents from other Cheetahs in the area kept them very busy until after sunset. The top picture shows them in front of the same tree which was featured with another male Cheetah in this morning’s post.

Tomorrow morning I will post a short video of the two boys in their new found freedom 😊

Have a good week!

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Sometimes a bit of heights is needed to spot ones prey. This Thanda Safari male Cheetah was hunting when I caught him on camera moving in and out of a tree.

Have a good Sunday!

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THE EVENING POST – Thanda Cats Book

Now available for delivery world-wide!

Recently I had quite a few questions regarding my Thanda Cats coffee table book. Besides being available for purchase at Thanda Safari’s curio shops I can also send it to you wherever you are in the world.

Click here to have a look at some sample spreads from the large, 108 page, high quality, soft cover, 30x30cm, 12×12″ book. Also for price/shipping information and/or to order the book:

It is all about Thanda Safari’s Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs.

PS: I took the title page picture, the ‘Bird Watching Lioness’, in April 2013.


I love the high-pitched sound Cheetahs produce when they are calling one another. This is a short video of a male coalition calling for a female nearby. We were parked right next to them and I was able to get this footage with my iPhone.

I hope you will enjoy your evening!

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A Cheepard!

Well, there is no such animal, but
I think this would be a good term for a Cheetah which behave more like a Leopard. One of Thanda Safari’s male Cheetahs is very shy and elusive, likes the thick bush and has no problem to disappear for days on end. Even with telemetry (all Thanda’s Cheetahs are part of a conservation program and wear radio collars) this specimen is behaving like Houdini.

But this morning, with the help of Thanda Safari’s wildlife coordinator Mariana Venter, I was able to take some good pictures of this beautiful cat. On the same game drive we saw another Cheetah female, a Black Rhino, a Black-headed Heron and a magnificent Kudu bull in the morning mist.

What a drive!

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

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Cheetah Care!

One of Thanda Safari’s male Cheetah injured his leg a few weeks ago. Since then he and his coalition partner are in a boma (enclosed area with full room service!) to allow the leg to heal. On the weekend the Thanda wildlife team and the attending veterinarian Dr.Trevor Viljoen with his team took additional X-rays and discussed continued treatment. The uninjured Cheetah was watching the proceedings with interest and with a few snarls.

When these two males arrived at Thanda in June 2018, the wildlife team kept them together in a boma for quite a while where they bonded successfully into a coalition. They were then released onto the reserve and have stayed together since then. Individuals in such Cheetah coalitions have a much greater chance of surviving the pressures of other large predators.

Have a good evening and stay safe!

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We had a great Cheetah sighting this morning. These two males posed on eye-level and starting calling for a near-by female 😊

Have a good weekend!

🎥 Videoe taken with an iPhone Xs Max

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