I know that you are expecting wildlife picture posts and wildlife video posts but many of my safari guests enjoy my ‘Chocorulas’ during our morning drink stops in the bush very much. So I thought I share the recipe with you. ☕️

1. Put two to three teaspoons of a good quality hot chocolate powder in a mug.

2. Add single or double tots of Amarula and stir the mix until it becomes a fine paste (no lumps).

3. Now add a strong, short espresso (or ristretto) to the mug. If you use Nespresso coffee then the ‘Kazar’ blend will be perfect.

4. Froth some milk (as you would do for a cappuccino)

5. Now pour the froth and a bit of hot milk into your mug.

6. Decorate it with a bit of chocolate or cocoa powder.

Done! Enjoy your Chocorula!

Don’t worry, this will not turn into a cooking channel, Wildlife will be back this evening 😊