Hard Work

Some species of Dung Beetles can bury dung up to 250 times their own mass in one night!

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Dung, beautiful dung!

That is what this beetle thought when he found some fresh droppings and started forming them into a large ball 😊

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Ants are commonly observed lifting heavy objects, but they are not the strongest members of the insect world.

Dung Beetles are known to lift weights up to over 1,000 times their own body weight—a load equivalent to a human lifting over 80,000 kg (~180,000 pounds).

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Want a ride, my dear?

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Well, it is Dung Beetle season. In this warm and humid weather these insects are getting very active. This makes for a great “small” sighting during a game drive.

The males of this Dung Beetle species creates a large dung ball which then attracts the ladies. Once a female has approved of a ball she hitches a ride while he rolls it to an appropriate “burial site”.

When a spot with soft soil is found, they stop and bury the ball, then mate underground and the female lays eggs inside the brooding ball.

Dung beetles go through a complete metamorphosis. The larvae live in brood balls made with dung prepared by their parents, feeding on the dung surrounding them.