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Having an itch on the belly …

… and attending to it in an unusual way 😊

Interesting facts: Elephants have prehensile penises. It is quite hard for for such a large animal to get into the right position for sex. So the required navigation and rhythmic thrusting work is done by the male member itself. A side benefit is that it can be used for scratching and swatting flies. And it is quite painful to watch as it is occasionally dragged along the ground. When not in use it is fully retracted into the body.

#Amazingwildlife #africansafari #safarigetaway #christiansperkaphotography #thandasafari #big5 #gamereserve #wildlifephotography #learnphotography


I was very lucky to get this shot of Thanda Safari’s largest and smallest Elephant crossing the road together.

We tracked Ellies from the early morning throughout the day and we finally got them in the open around three in the afternoon.

A very enjoyable Long-Nose-Day!

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Grass Diet

This young Rhino is already eating lot of grass even if it begs its reluctant mum for some milk from time to time.

I liked the way it posed for the camera 😊

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Ladies’ Heads

One of the ways to distinguish a female Elephant from a male is the look of the forehead. Ladies’ skulls have a rather sharp edges. The Gentlemen’s are more rounded. Looking from the side (as in this picture) one can see the edges.

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The Beauty of GREEN

Today I was the first time out on the reserve after I caught COVID-19 mid of December. I took these short videos today to celebrate the beautiful green reserve after all the recent rains.

Enjoy the last days of 2021!

Finished thinking!

Young Elephant bulls often have to think a bit before making up their mind what to do. Shaking their head violently before moving off the road looks intimidating but is nothing to worry about. It just means they are finished thinking.

Enjoy your last 2021 week!

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A Thanda Safari Elephant herd on its way to a waterhole!

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An Egyptian Goose was landing in front of two of our Elephant bulls as they were having a morning drink stop at a waterhole.

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The Big Five in one drive!

We went on game drive this afternoon to find Elephants, but we got much more. As we left the Thanda Safari Lodge we encountered two male Lions and when we stopped to watch a few Warthogs and Impalas we spotted a large male Leopard hunting. After this very special encounter we continued on our Elephant quest and almost immediately ran into a White Rhino. And towards the end of the drive we finally found the long-noses.

What a day! The Big Five on one drive.

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