Sometimes a space in a picture invites the placement of a logo. Last weekend I took this Giraffe picture at Pakamisa in beautifully moody evening light.

A journey of Giraffes passed by the stables after all the horses were put into their boxes for the night. I think the logo fits neatly into the frame 😊.

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Drinks and Dinner

Yesterday evening I had an unusual sighting. Two Cheetah males were drinking at a waterhole and a Giraffe bull was feeding of a tree just above them on the dam wall. They were aware of one another but decided that the distance between them was enough for comfort.

In most encounters of these two species which I have observed previously they would not have deemed this distance enough and one or the other would have moved off.

Have a good week!

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📷 Picture by Christian Sperka

And as the sky opens…

… the light is just right for an impressive Giraffe picture 🦒

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #thandasafari @thandasafari

📷 Picture by Christian Sperka


I took this picture when the Giraffe mum was in a hurry to get to the waterhole and the little one was trying to get a drink at the same time.

And the mother was chewing a bone from a carcass to replenish minerals in her body while she was striding towards the water.

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This is the first wildlife picture I took yesterday evening from my new Suzuki Jimny. I will call this small but rugged 4×4 the ‘Little Mamba’ and I will will use it when doing wildlife photo work by myself (all over South Africa).

My ‘Green Mamba’ (a specially converted 2002 Land Rover Defender) will still be used for photo safaris with guests on Thanda Safari and also from time to time on Pakamisa.

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A large group of Red-billed Oxpeckers was taking a ride on the two Giraffes. Normally these small birds live in a symbiotic relationship with the long-necked mammals. The Giraffes provide the food in the form of ticks and the Oxpeckers relief them of the little pests.

But occasionally the insect-eaters turn into vampires. If the Giraffes have an open wound the Oxpeckers will keep pecking on it to keep it open end to keep the blood flowing as they love devouring blood (usually provided by the ‘filled up ticks’).

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On the way home from yesterday evening’s game drive I took this image of a Giraffe silhouette in front of the moon. Twilight mood on Thanda!

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This morning on my way to work 😊 A long neck is excellent for silhouette pictures!

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