An Egyptian Goose was landing in front of two of our Elephant bulls as they were having a morning drink stop at a waterhole.

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It is amazing what quality pictures and videos modern smart phones can produce. I often use a holding frame on a clamp mount on my vehicle to get steady videos. I love this little video ‘Elephant and Goose’ which I recorded this weekend.

Good night 😊

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#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography


Earlier this week I caught this family outing on camera. Six Egyptian Goslings were out and about for a midday walk with their parents on the Thanda Safari savanna.

Enjoy your evening!

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Not only mammals …

On my photography drive last night I did not only spot the Lions, Zebras and Impalas I also took pictures of a few birds.

Here are three of the images: A Cattle Egret in breeding plumage, a male Spur-winged Goose and a Laughing Dove.

More from Reelfoot Lake …

Here are four more Reelfoot Lake pictures (Tennessee, USA).

Check out Nancy Moore’s website for more information on boat trips on the lake (the site is about her “bed and breakfast” place, but she also does great photography lake trips – just contact her at

Into the Sun – Osprey and Geese at Sunrise on Reelfoot Lake

Take-off – Duck on Reelfoot Lake

Nesting – Bald Eagle at Reelfoot Lake 

What are YOU looking at? – Osprey at Reelfoot Lake

Enjoy the pictures!