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Baby Faces: Hippo

A little special picture series – BABY FACES 👶 – Today: Hippo

#Amazingwildlife #africansafari #safarigetaway #christiansperkaphotography #big5 #gamereserve #wildlifephotography #learnphotography

Hippos in the Garden

When we returned for dinner to my favorite guest house in St.Lucia (Serene Estate Boutique Guest House) two Hippos were grazing quietly in the garden beyond the pool.

I love Africa!

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The German name for a Hippo is ‘Flusspferd’ which if translated literally mean river horse. But no matter what name they are given I think they are not ideal for riding.

And did you know that the closest living relatives of the Hippopotamidae are aquatic mammals like whales and dolphins? 😊

Enjoy your Saturday!


Hey mummy! Wake up! I am bored and hungry! 😊

Have a good Sunday, stay home and stay safe!

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Hippo Fun …

How a Hippo has fun? The most comical picture from my trip to the Lowvelt – more to come soon 😊

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Early Dinner!

20150210 - CS1_0748 - C

This small Hippo started its dinner early. It began eating reeds even before nightfall, when it would be climbing with its family out of the water for a night of grazing!

Yesterday and today I took two cruises on the St.Lucia Estuary, taking mainly bird images (watch out for future posts!) and quite a few interesting hippo shots.


20130307 - CS2_6233 - E

Hippo males fight a lot! These two were giving quite a performance. Another unpublished image I found during my “filing work”.

Have a good weekend 🙂