When they are not needed for horseback safaris then the horses on Pakamisa roam freely on the reserve.

I took this picture on Sunday when I met some of them on my morning game drive on the reserve.

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Hyenas, Horses and a Sunset

Just before I went off work for seven days I was able to participate in a Hyena capture operation (five Hyenas were to be transferred to another game reserve).

20140812 - CS3_0267 - E

Then I spent a few days at Pakamisa enjoying a bit of riding, excellent company and superb food! It was great that Magdel and Warren from Thanda were able to join me at Pakamisa for a one night stay. This picture shows all of us leaving the stables for a morning ride.

20140816 - _MG_3986

Isabella took this group picture of me, Badger and the warthogs 🙂

20140816 - _MG_3957

I also did a “romantic drinks at sundown” photo shoot. I like the results.

20140814 - CS3_0436 - E


During my December visit at Pakamisa Game Reserve the weather did not cooperate and I was not able to go for a horse ride. But this time everything worked well and I was able to ride a horse for the first time in my life.

Yesterday and today “two portly gentlemen”, Badger – a sturdy Shire Horse – and I, went for two rides around Pakamisa. I enjoyed it very much, even if my “back side” still has to get used to the process 🙂

20140110 - IMG_9654 - PAKAMISA

Two of Pakamisa’s horse trails guides, Fabio on El Dorado (a Boerperd) and Alexandra on Bolina (a Pure Arab Mare) were instructing me well on my first horse-riding attempt. I certainly will be back for more safaris on horseback.

20140110 - IMG_9673 - PAKAMISA

I am spending four days of my work-off-time at Pakamisa. I get a bit of rest at this beautiful spot in the Zulu hills, enjoying the excellent food, sub-merging myself in a cool pool in the hot weather and getting close to wildlife on horseback. What a life!

Click here of more information about Pakamisa Private Game Reserve.

Thanks to Isabella Stepski for taking these pictures.


20130727 - CS3_0049 - E

On Saturday and Sunday I was invited to a game reserve near Pongola named Pakamisa. This very special place specializes in exploring the African bush on horseback (for more information go to

20130728 - CS3_0365 - E - SIG


I enjoy taking pictures of these beautiful horses in action. The really good news for me is that they recently got a new horse, which will be able to take my weight. I am looking forward to my first time on a horse 🙂

20130728 - CS3_0149 - E - SIG

20130727 - CS3_9979 - E

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