This Black-backed Jackal used one of the Kruger NP sign blocks as a lookout.

Tihongonyeni Waterhole, Tropic of Capricorn Road S-143 | Kruger National Park

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This Black-backed Jackal enjoyed his left-overs breakfast of an Impala kill. Our arrival had conveniently spooked a Hyena and all the Vultures who were feasting on the antelope remains. So this little one moved right in and got his fair share 😊

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This morning I had the perfect sighting to explain the members of the ‘bush cleanup crew’.

This important team is lead by Spotted Hyena and includes White-backed Vultures, Hooded Vultures, Black-Backes Jackals, Woolly-necked Storks and Pied Crows. I found all of them together in one sighting on the Thanda Safari savanna.

The Hyena was feeding on an Impala carcass and all the others tried to get bits and pieces as the Hyena dragged the animal remains around.

All of the creatures play a major role in keeping the bush tidy and clean.

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No “Big Five” on this afternoon’s game drive, but we had a photo session with the most relaxed Black-backed Jackal I have ever seen. He lay in front of the car, yawned, walked in front of us, dug up some goodies to eat and finally went after another Jackal (probably of the opposite sex :-)).

We also had a fantastic sunrise this morning!


I thought I would have nothing to post today, but I was wrong.

When I left this morning at 6:45am to drive to Richards Bay I met a very unexpected scene. A Spotted Hyena was chasing a small Black-backed Jackal into a thicket next to the road. By the time I had my camera out they were gone 😦

I see this little scavenger regularly along the fence line, which I have to drive along to get from Thanda House to the gate of the reserve. The picture above is from one of these encounters.

Enjoy your Sunday!