My favorite spiral-horned antelopes: Kudus!

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Of all the spiral-horned antelopes the Male Kudu are my favorite. These incredible creatures can jump as high as 3.5m (~12′) under stress!

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‘I am leaving if that crowd is coming here ☹️’. Cape Buffalo and Greater Kudu at a Thanda Safari waterhole.

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Today: Greater Kudu

On safari we talk a lot about the big five and most of the pictures we post are about them. In the next few days’ morning posts I would like to introduce all of Thanda Safari’s antelope species to you. From large to small and common to rare. So here we go.

Let’s start with largest of them, the *Greater Kudu*. A male can get up to 340kg (750lbs) and a shoulder height of 1.55m (5′). They love higher altitudes and thicker bush and will even stand on their back legs alone to reach up to get the very bitter new leaves of a Mountain Aloe. There main predators are Lions.

Stay safe!

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20151121 - CS2_5162 - EAfter the recent rains this young Kudu was running around with great energy in the wet grass. It looked to us as it was celebrating the relief from the drought!


Christmas Sightings!

The Thanda guests enjoyed great sightings over the Christmas holidays.

20131226 - CS3_3935 - E - THANDA

Two young Elephant bulls giving a sparring demonstration …

20131224 - CS3_3846 - E - THANDA

… a White Rhino mum and her son hosting an Oxpecker party …

20131226 - CS3_4069 - E - THANDA

… a young Kudu bull in front of a beautiful Thanda vista …

20131226 - CS3_4293 - E - THANDA

… and Thanda’s dominant male Lion smacking his lips after a big meal!

Happy Holidays!

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve.