Heavy Breathing!

Heavy breathers 😊 Thanda Safari’s male Lions (coalition) were strolling past the Green Mamba this afternoon, breathing rather heavily. The ultra-wide-angle lens of my new iPhone Pro Max captures the scene very nicely 🦁

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Let’s talk about big cats II

The five members of the genus Panthera are also called the ‘big cats’.

This is one of my favorite portraits of large cat species number 2, the Lion (p.leo). There are only two subspecies, African and Asiatic Lions and they are the only gregarious cat species living in family groups.

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… ripples in the water were create by this Lioness having a drink. Have a good weekend!

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For Lions mating is a somewhat rough affair.

Frist, the male’s penis is barbed which cannot be fun for the female.

Second, at the end of most copulations the lady gives the gentleman a good smack in the face with her clawed paw.

And third, they mate for a few days running – in average every 20 to 30 minutes – until they are both completely exhausted and very hungry.

And during all this time the male has to make sure that no other male gets close to them and that his lady does not move to close to another admirer.

A Lion’s life, a rough life!

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Yesterday evening I caught this beautiful Thanda Lion in the most beautiful light.

Have a good weekend 😊

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iPhone & eye-level

A short video two male Lions at Thanda Safari taken during a ‘drive-by’ shot with an iPhone held on eye-level 😊

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These two Lion ladies were visibly upset about the gentlemen’s advances !

Tropic of Capricorn Road S-143 Kruger National Park

… just a second earlier 😊

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Our two males acting in unison after having a drink from a rain puddle. I could not have choreographed this any better 😊

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