A bit of mud on the horns makes one look so much more impressive 😊

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I like this picture of an Nyala family with muddy feet on a cool, overcast day!

Enjoy your day 😊

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Adult Nyala usually fight very little. Instead they use a slow dance around one another to determine the more impressive winner of their comparison contest.

But young Nyala do what boys do – they have a little fight from time to time.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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Today: Nyala

Nyalas are predominately browsers which means they mainly eat leaves of trees. They are the most sexually dimorph antelopes on Thanda Safari. Once grown into adulthood the male changes its color from red-brown to grey. Female and male look so different from one another that it is hard to believe they are of the same species.

And the males usually do not fight with their horns, as most other antelope species do, but perform a slow walk with back arched and their white hairs standing up – almost a dance – around one another. I have never been able to determine why one of the two ‘dancers’ is the looser and the other the winner.

But as they often both mate with females after such dances it probably does not really matter 😊 Have a good day and stay safe.

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I am featuring a species per week on my social media channels. Here is a summary of the last week’s posts (and some blog bonus images). I hope you enjoy some of my favorite Nyala pictures :-).












All pictures were taken at various locations in South Africa.

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I am leaving South Africa today for my annual trip to Germany and Switzerland. As I was preparing for a presentation I am going to give in Switzerland I came across this image. It is one of my favorite Nyala shots ever 🙂

More info about by presentation in Switzerland on 28 April at


Chewing bones, parking backwards, fishing large and catching big!

A strange title for a blog?

Yes, but these images explain it all …

… a female Nyala chewing on a bone to get some extra calcium during the dry season.20140921 - CS2_0599 - E

… two Elephants wetting their bums by backing into a waterhole.20150515 - CS3_6934 - E

… a Seagull catching a very large fish!20150727 - CS3_8298 - E

… and a little Bee-Eater catching a ‘big’ Butterfly.20150422 - CS3_5848 - E

I really enjoy these unusual sightings – remarkably uncommon 🙂


20130625 - Collage 1606 - E - THANDA

Over 1,000 additional antelopes and zebra arrived over the last few month at Thanda Private Game Reserve. These Impala, Wildebeest, Nyala, Zebra and Kudu will enhance the excellent Thanda Game Drive Experience even further. Besides seeing the Big Five on daily drives it is very exciting to see large groups of these herbivores roaming on the reserve.

The images show the release of a young Nyala bull and a group of Zebra.

Without the Five (1) – Head Salad!

For the next ten posts I have planned a special series of pictures. Each image will feature a species, which is usually not in the safari limelight. So they will be no images of Lions, Leopard, Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalo, Cheetahs …

Today’s image is of two Nyala bulls. One of them wearing “Head Salad” 🙂

20121203 - CS2_2272 - E S CSP

Enjoy the “Witout the Five” series

Up the Mountain!

We tracked our Elephant herd for a long time when we spotted them going up a mountain. It is amazing how these huge creatures can move up a hill.

On the same game drive we found our four Lion cubs resting in a road after playing hard.

And on the way back to the lodge we had a good look at one of my favorite antelopes – female Nyalas.

Another hard day in Africa 🙂