Have a look!

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Colors and Horns!

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A bit of attitude!

I like a bit of ATTITUDE ! Have a good week.

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I love the inquisitive nature of these large herbivores!

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Rhino ‘Attack’

This little baby Rhino boy threw a bit of a tantrum. As he and his mum passed our vehicle next to the road this small creature decided to play ‘big Rhino bull’ and tried to intimidate us.

He got quite upset when neither the vehicle nor my tracker Bheki nor any of us in the game viewer reacted. After a few jumps up and down he sprinted back to his mum. The female Rhino did not even turn a head towards us and was perfectly relaxed as her youngster got to learn that our vehicles are no threat.

Picture taken with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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The Big Five in one drive!

We went on game drive this afternoon to find Elephants, but we got much more. As we left the Thanda Safari Lodge we encountered two male Lions and when we stopped to watch a few Warthogs and Impalas we spotted a large male Leopard hunting. After this very special encounter we continued on our Elephant quest and almost immediately ran into a White Rhino. And towards the end of the drive we finally found the long-noses.

What a day! The Big Five on one drive.

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This Black Rhino bull was very alert as he was browsing on small bushes on the edge of a savanna area. The picture was taken just after the sun had set.

The visible sore on its side is a skin lesions caused by a parasite. When visiting communal dung heaps rhinoceros will pass the infection along, resulting in almost every individual being infected by a small filariform worm. It seems not to distract them.

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Back on Thanda!

It is great to be back home on the reserve. We had a bit of – very welcome- rain over the last few days.

Today’s picture is of a Black Rhino mum and her calf in the early morning hours.

Have a good week!

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