world RHINO day

Today is World Rhino Day – I am celebrating the day by posting my favorite Rhino picture ever.

I took thousands of images of these incredible creatures over the year and this one is by no means technically perfect – but it is my favorite!

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography


This is a very typical profile view of a Black Rhino. Heads up, ears forward and alert, nostril wide and ready for action.

Meeting these creatures on foot is one of the most exciting experiences of any African walking safari.

This picture is the result of good luck, a long lens and the right light 🙂

Picture details: Hooked-lipped Rhinoceros – Black Rhino | Location: South Africa
Canon 1D Mark IV | Canon EF500 f4L | AV | ISO 200 | 1/1000s | f/4 | 0eV | WB 6500K – post processing corrected | free-hand

The Species Galleries (1)

Species Galleries_1

My image library contain thousands of wildlife images, which I took since I started wildlife photography in 2002. Keeping these images organized and available for people to look at is not an easy task.

End of last year I started a project to categorize all these images in ‘species galleries‘ and also put them online. I am currently working on African Mammals, followed by Birds, Snakes, other Reptiles Insects and Plants. After Africa I am planning to work on images from species of other continents.

Have a look at the first ten of these galleries at (African Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, African Wild Cat, Black Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros, African Elephant, Caracal and Serval).

Please contact me at in case you are interested in publishing any of these images or if you would like to license any image for printing (for personal or commercial use).

I will let you know once I upload new galleries. Stay tuned!


It looks almost like make-up – the various colors on this White Rhino’s horn 🙂

20151128 - CS2_6320 - C

Vigilant ‘house cats’, the neighbours’ kits at play and an excited gentleman in front of the house!

Well, this title might be a bit misleading 🙂

When I left Thanda House this afternoon for a quick visit to friends on a neighbouring reserve, I left Thanda’s two Cheetah boys in charge of perimeter security around Thanda House.20150710 - CS3_6787 - C

As I drove onto the reserve where my friends live, I took pictures of two little White Rhinos at play. 20150710 - CS3_6864 - C

And when I got back to Thanda a young Elephant bull gave me a rather excited welcome. From the way he reacted to my vehicle, looking at the glands on his forehead and judging from other obvious signs of excitement :-), he may be getting into musth.20150710 - CS3_6794 - C

Not the regular house cats, not the average kits at play and a rather unusual excited gentleman in front of the house, but another really good afternoon in the African bush!

A bit mad!

20150430 - CS3_6081 - E

What does a wildlife photographer – who lives on a big five game reserve – do on his day off work? He goes to another game reserve to spend a day taking more wildlife  pictures 🙂 – sounds a bit mad, but I enjoyed myself!

This “Lion-Rhino-Car” encounter is just a teaser for the images to come from my recent off-day at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi National Park!

This picture shows a White Rhino bull walking calmly by a young male Lion. This youngster was part of a large pride of Lions devouring a Buffalo bull, which they had killed in the morning hours next to this road, only 20 meters (50 feet) to the right in thick bush. I drove up to this scene just moments after I entered the park. And a few more minutes after I took this picture cars started piling up at this sighting which made it impossible to take any more good images. I moved on and left the madness behind me.