Most of my carnivores pictures are of Lions, Cheetahs and the occasional Leopards. Hyenas and Jackals also often featured in my posts.

But there are many more little hunters on Thanda. This is a picture of the smallest member of the order carnivoria, a Slender Mongoose, which one usually only sees sprinting across the road. This one stayed a bit for a photo shoot.

Have a good evening 😊

And in case you are interested this is a list of all 16 carnivore species on the reserve:

Order: Carnivoria

1 African Lion

2 Leopard

3 Spotted Hyena

4 Cheetah

5 Brown Hyena

6 Caracal

7 Serval

8 Honey Badger

9 Black-backet Jackal

10 Side-striped Jackal

11 White-tailed Mongoose

12 Water (Marsh) Mongoose

13 South-African Large Spotted Genet

14 Banded Mongoose

15 Striped Polecat (Zorilla)

16 Slender Mongoose

Have a good evening!

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