This is what it looks like when an Elephant is photobombing a Spotted Hyena picture 😊

Near the Olifants river – H1-5 near S-89 intersection, Kruger National Park

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This little Hyena baby was carried by its mum back to their den. It is incredible to see when the pup relaxes immediately as soon as it gets picked up by the ample skin on its neck😊

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Spotted Hyenas often look like they are laughing. But fierce competition within their species and pressure from Lions provide very few reasons for laughter. I love to watch these incredible creatures, the leaders of nature’s clean up crew 😊

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This morning I had the perfect sighting to explain the members of the ‘bush cleanup crew’.

This important team is lead by Spotted Hyena and includes White-backed Vultures, Hooded Vultures, Black-Backes Jackals, Woolly-necked Storks and Pied Crows. I found all of them together in one sighting on the Thanda Safari savanna.

The Hyena was feeding on an Impala carcass and all the others tried to get bits and pieces as the Hyena dragged the animal remains around.

All of the creatures play a major role in keeping the bush tidy and clean.

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They are well!

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We saw the Thanda Cheetah mum today with her two cubs. Both of the cubs have grown a lot and are looking very healthy – they look like real Cheetah now 🙂 – What a sighting!

During the same game drive I got my first picture of a Pygmy Kingfisher and we had sightings of our two male Cheetah, three Lions and two Spotted Hyena feeding on a kill.

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20131001 - CS3_9572 - E - SIG

Spotting Spotted Hyena!

20121201 - CS2_1847 - E - SIG

It does not happen often that we see Spotted Hyena at daylight. So my guests were very happy to see this Hyena just after sunrise on the Thanda savanna.

PS: I will not be posting anything until early next week. I am spending this weekend at Amakhosi Safari Lodge on the Mkuze River near Pongola 🙂