Hill-side Path

Here is one more scenic “non-animal” picture. This for all the “barn lovers” out there. I took this image in the Swiss Alps during a trip from Germany to Italy in August 2010.

This is a typical small barn next to a hill-side path. In the winter this area would be covered with snow, but in summer it displays lush green grass.

Picture Data:
Camera: Canon 1D MIV/ Lens: Canon DO 70-300mm at 200mm / Mode: AV / Shutter Speed: 1/350s / Aperture: f/5.6 / ISO: 400 / Exposure Correction +0.5eV / Metering: Central weighted / White balance: K6500 / Time: early afternoon / Freehand from a car window

Frosty, Foggy, Freezing

I have just returned from a short trip to Germany and Switzerland. The weather over Christmas was not great, but on my last day I took this image in Switzerland.

I like the ambiance of this foggy, frosty and freezing scenery.

Once I have had time to edit  all the pictures from this trip I will upload the few pictures I took at the Zurich Zoo, the Basel Zoo and the Tierpark Goldau. In Zurich and Goldau I spent most of my visit in the fog 🙂