Ferocious eater!

A Leopard tortoise, one of the ‘Small Five’.

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Slow, slower, slowest!

This is one of the few larger animals, which are slower than humans. Instead of running away the Leopard Tortoise defends itself by withdrawing into its formidable carapace.

It is the fourth largest tortoise species in the world.

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There are the Big Five and then the Small Five. Leopard Tortoises are my favorite of the Small Five. Can you name the other four?

🐆 🐢 😊 …

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… are very attractively marked and are one of the *Small Five* (Ant Lion, Leopard Tortoise, Elephant Shrew, Rhino Beetle and Buffalo Weaver).

They are often seen on roads just before or during rain. This morning I took this picture with my iPhone, just a few hours after last night’s rainfall.

Unlike most land tortoises, which tend to sink when they fall into water, this species actually likes to swim.

They are one of my favorite *Ectotherms*!

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