I am featuring a species per week on my social media channels. Here is a summary of the last week’s posts (and some blog bonus images). I hope you enjoy some of my favorite Warthog pictures :-).

Mum …
Move …

Cleaning Service ….
Thirsty …
Little one …

Fight …
Procreation …

Cute? …
Eye …

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Hyenas, Horses and a Sunset

Just before I went off work for seven days I was able to participate in a Hyena capture operation (five Hyenas were to be transferred to another game reserve).

20140812 - CS3_0267 - E

Then I spent a few days at Pakamisa enjoying a bit of riding, excellent company and superb food! It was great that Magdel and Warren from Thanda were able to join me at Pakamisa for a one night stay. This picture shows all of us leaving the stables for a morning ride.

20140816 - _MG_3986

Isabella took this group picture of me, Badger and the warthogs 🙂

20140816 - _MG_3957

I also did a “romantic drinks at sundown” photo shoot. I like the results.

20140814 - CS3_0436 - E

Follow me!

20140201 - CS2_7493 - E - SIG

Warthogs look funny when they run. And small Warthog are even more hilarious.

“Follow me signs up, and off they go!”

Enjoy the image – Have a good weekend!

A Warthog burrow, the Lions close and the Landi stuck :-)

Today I got my Land Rover properly stuck for the first time. While we were trying to get close to a pride of Lions resting in thick bush I dropped my right back wheel into the entrance of an old Warthog borrow which was filled with water (it looked like a puddle!).

So Bheki and I got to work while are guests remained on the vehicle. In close proximity to the Lions we used a high-lift-jack to lift the car out of the hole, placed two special “mud-ramps” under the wheel and drove the car out of the hole. This was a first such rescue mission for me. The guest thought the procedure was very exciting.

So for today I have chosen a Lion picture (taken today – a cub hugging an adult’s tail for comfort) and a picture of two Warthogs (taken a while ago – two males fighting).

I have no pictures of the vehicle rescue (I was otherwise engaged at the time :-))