A working day in the bush!

How does the average working day of a Special Photography Guide, Photography Teacher and Wildlife Photographer at Thanda Private Game Reserve look like?

My (winter-)day starts at 5:00am. I prepare my Land Rover for the day and I leave Thanda House at 5:45am to drive to the Intebane Camp to pick up the African Impact Volunteers. The drive to the camp takes about 25 minutes. In the cool winter month I am fully awake by the time I arrive at the camp (as the car has neither roof nor windows – a chilly affair).

At 6:30am we leave for game drive and return at 9:30am back to the camp for breakfast. After a few pieces of toast I usually drive back to Thanda House. Until lunch time I work in my office on the computer (picture and video editing, email, …). Sometimes I give lessons for guests either at the Thanda Lodge or the Thanda Tented Camp or sometimes I bring my Land Rover to the workshop.

For lunch I go either to the canteen (a 10 minute drive if there are no “Elephant road blocks”) or I have something small at my place at Thanda House.

In the afternoon I either continue my work in the office or I go out to drive on the reserve to take pictures by myself (and am still learning the road system :-). At 3:00pm I have to be back at the Intebane Camp for the evening game drive. We return at 6:00pm just in time for dinner. From time to time I drive to the local pub (called “Baobab”) or to the Mukze Cricket Club for a good steak 🙂

After dinner I return to Thanda House and usually end up back in my office for picture editing and blogging (like for this one :-). After a quick shower I am usually in bed by 9:30pm.

In the summer month the schedule will change a lot as we go out earlier on drive and return later. I probably will have to add a “lunch siesta in the bush” not to end up with sleep depravation.

On the weekends I either drive myself on the reserve for wildlife photography or I go to one of the neighboring Public Game Reserves to take pictures and videos. Occasionally I help out on weekends as guide at the Lodge or at the Tented Camp and teach photography if requested.

If love photogaphy, I love teaching and I love the wildlife in its natural environment. I am home 🙂 and I love my work!

PS: I thought I add one of my favorite Zebra pictures to the blog message for the animal lovers that are not interested in my working day 🙂

15 Replies to “A working day in the bush!”

  1. Thanks! It is nice to know how a typical day of work goes. It’s certainly filled with adventure!

  2. Christian, a excellent
    write up. I enjoy receiving your information. I can tell you are enjoying your job.

  3. I sure found it interesting….would like to know the winter temp range. Glad you are happy! What a great zebra photo. How many photos are you averaging a week? Guess you can be pretty selective getting out there every day. Take care!

    1. The temperature range in the winter is high 60s to 70s (Fahrenheit = 20s Celsius) during the day and in the 40s and 50s (Fahrenheit = 10s Celsius) during the night.
      A perfect temperature range. Ocassioanlly the sun is not able to disperse the clouds during the day and then it stays quite chilly all day.

      It is hard to say how many pictures a week. On days when I drive with guest or volunteers it is anything from none to a few hundred per drive. if I drive myself for photography purposes it can be easily up to 800 per drive!

  4. Welcome to Africa Chris! Don’t tell too many people about our secret – then we can keepmit to ourselves-:)

    1. Thanks for the welcome to your beautiful country and all the help for the “start up”.
      I will keep very quiet about the beauty of it !
      Only the 1700+ people following my blog messages …. 🙂

  5. Sounds great! Your enjoyment of your work shows in both your blog and your photos. I look forward to reading your daily blog, even if I rarely write a comment! I love your images!!

  6. Always thanks for sharing,quite interested in your day. With nature everyday is like new. It must be exciting to see what nature will unfold for the day.It’s forever changing. Are you sure you wouldn’t be happy with an 9 to 5 office job,wearing a business suit and stressing everyday? You know I’m kidding, I know your happy!! Have A Great Day.

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