For a while …

This will be my last post from Thanda for a while. I will miss my African home.

If I have internet connection I will blog during my trip (see also blog message from 20 August

Today’s picture is of a Tawny Eagle on the go!

9 Replies to “For a while …”

  1. I will miss your beautiful photos and educational descriptions. I eagerly await your return.

  2. Awesome picture – love those feathers. Save travels.,,,but do we really want you with a gun in your hands?

  3. Have fun at your courses.  Hope you go do good in them all especally the snake handeling!! 

    Darla Nashville Zoo Docent


  4. Best of luck on your new training Chris, you will get high scores I’m sure!!
    be safe and keep us posted.

  5. Great educational supplements, Christian. All adds to your expertise in the field. Will wait patiently for your photo’s…:)

  6. Wanted to let you know I was at the Nashville Zoo yesterday…

    I went because it has been cooler and hoped the big cats would be out. I went to the clouded leopards, my favorite, and they are still recovering. Wanted to let you know that to my surprise, the red panda has been replaced by two of the cutest clouded leopards cubs!

    You know how difficult it was through the glass and the reflections but I took lots of photos because it was so much fun to watch the two of them wrestle with a rubber bucket that was attached to the side! What joy!

    Thanks for all the tips you gave me during the two classes I took with you. I just have you to thanks for so many good ideas and procedures to follow.

    Off to class for you…

    Thanks again, Kathy

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