Without the Five (2) – Common Beauty!

Today’s image is a portrait of an Impala ram. Impalas are the most common antelopes on Thanda. They have a special dental arrangement on the front lower jaw similar to a tooth-comb which is used during grooming to comb the fur and remove parasites – hence their impeccable appearance 🙂

20121128 - CS3_1160 - E - SIG

This image is part of my “Without the Five” series:
Each image will features a species, which is usually not in the safari limelight. So they will be no images of Lions, Leopard, Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalo, Cheetahs …

Enjoy the “without the Five” series

3 Replies to “Without the Five (2) – Common Beauty!”

  1. A real cutie, Thanks for sharing the very interesting info. It’s always nice to read the “fun facts” about the different wildlife in your neck of the woods.Keep it up.

  2. Christian, thanks for sharing all your adventures with us! And have a Happy Holiday Season! Rita

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