I am back :-) – Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Sorry about not posting since Christmas but my Internet connection was down until yesterday.

We were very busy at Thanda over the holidays and I had quite a lot of great sightings (pictures and stories to follow in the next few days).

I will be on my “time off” starting next Sunday. Believe it or not – next Monday I will go for my South African drivers license test (I need that one for a Public Transport Permit). After 32 years of driving a car I had to go back to driving school again 🙂

Today’s picture was taken by one of my guests from Germany after a particular interesting drive in rainy and muddy weather conditions. The mud ended up on my face and on my guests faces. We had a great time!

I wish all of you a Happy New Year 2013!

9 Replies to “I am back :-) – Happy New Year”

  1. Hope your new year if filled with great experiences at Thanda and your off time ventures too. You are looking good…mud and all! Be safe, healthy and happy! Let us know if you are coming back to Tennessee anytime in future…CCC and the new CC Council of TN would love to have you share your experiences and photos with us again. Thanda has been added to my bucket list, so perhaps we will meet again after all. Les and I wish you all the best!

  2. Looks like you were having a blast,thats all that matters anyway. Good luck on your drivers test. I have seen on tv, the natives from there running I thought it was to out run the lions. but maybe il’s because it takes sooo long to get a drivers license there.:) Happy New Year to you tool, and Have a Great One!!!

  3. You look wonderful, dirt and all. You look like you are dressed for cold temps. I know you will do well on your driving test and will have an exciting, fulfilling year. I love your hair.

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