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I was not driving guests today, but I had very special mission.

I took a first series of pictures of three Amakhosi (Traditional Leaders / Chiefs / in the Zulu language: Amakhosi). They are the leaders of the three communities which border Thanda Private Game Reserve.

To meet all three chiefs in their communities I had to drive over 180km through the Zululand mountains. I was glad I had my Toyota Fortuner, a capable 4×4, because I had to get up some very rocky hills.

Next week I will repeat the tour for a second set of pictures of the gentlemen in traditional Zulu attire. It was a most interesting day 🙂

Today’s picture was taken from the top of one of the hills I climbed with my car.

2 Replies to “Amakhosi!”

  1. Christian, these pictures you provide are so wonderful. I look forward to seeing them and hearing
    about your travels and insights into the community and the country in which you are living.
    Thank you for creating this blog and sharing your experience !
    Jennifer Najjar (Zoo Docent Nashville, Tennessee USA)

  2. Christian can’t wait to see some pictures of the leaders in their Zulu attire. I’m sure your going to enjoy your visit. To see first hand how they live and to learn more about their traditions has to be just awesome. I’m excited for you. Have a Great One and be safe on your journey. Lisa

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