Lost the Herd?

20130130 - CS2_0350 - E - SIG

Today’s Thanda morning and afternoon game drives were amazing.

We sat for almost an hour in between a herd of Elephants while they were feeding, playing and sparring around the vehicle. We watched Lions on a kill and drinking at a waterhole. We found a White Rhino mum and her calf and we encountered a herd of Buffalo while we were looking for the Rhinos.

I got many good shots today but my favorite picture is of this Cape Buffalo bull running down the road looking for his herd. He was quite far away from the herd at the time and obviously was a bit worried about catching up 🙂

4 Replies to “Lost the Herd?”

  1. Would much rather be watching elephants play than sitting here at this computer on a dreary rainy day! Thanks for the pleasure just the thought of it gave me.

  2. Oh, and while I am thinking of it…shared your “lions only” blog with the Cookeville Camera Club Members. Thought those that don’t follow your blog daily would enjoy it. There will also be a short “Favorite Blog” write up on yours in the Feb issue of the Camera Club Council of TN’s Newsletter. I hope others will take note and start receiving your daily gifts!

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