20130423 - Collage 1814 - E - SIGI am convinced!

With all the input from many snake experts around the world I have changed the story 🙂

“When we were on the way to pick up our Thanda guests for the afternoon game drive we ran into these two Black Mambas. The two males were fighting for mating rights with a female in the midday sun on one of the main roads at Thanda. Both of them were so engaged in their actions that they were completely oblivious of us. What a sighting!”

For more images of this encounter go to

3 Replies to “Convinced!”

  1. As usual you take great photos, real works of art. I still hate snakes though. 🙂

  2. Are you sure it wasn’t a travistite of some sort :p ?
    They were surely doing something right 😀

  3. I love the photos! They are so elegant, it looks like a dance… Okay it was 2 males fighting over the “attention” of a female… either way, they photos are outstanding and beautiful. Like I said, they look elegant.

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