No “thorny” rides

20130611 - Collage 1558 - E - THANDA

The most important task for the Thanda Guiding Team is to show guests the many aspects of the Thanda ecosystem on game drives.

Another important responsibility is the bush-clearing of roads. During the summer many plants grow into the roadways and can turn a game drive into a “thorny” ride.

This collage shows the “before” and “after” of the road maintenance work of the guiding team, which ensures that the guests have a comfortable drive on the major routes through the reserve.

2 Replies to “No “thorny” rides”

  1. Nice job there. That looks like Bheki in the front carrying a smile, while he’s working his a__ off,just amazing!! How does he do it? Looks like he’s a southpaw (left handed) me too. Are these the thorns you have talked about flatting tires? OUCH… Have A great one. Tell Bheki not to work so hard!! Save some energy for some of those night scouting pics that are so awesome.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lisa – Well, Bheki always smiles (or most of the time :-), but the guy you see in the picture is not Bheki. He is the person at the end of the line. And no, these are not the bushes that will give you a flat tire.

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