Game Drive Impressions

I have commissioned a new interpretation of South Africa’s National Anthem arranged by Don Johnson and played by the Happy Turkey Farm Band. Don has previously arranged a version of Shosholoza for me. Thanks Don!

This is a link to a YouTube video slide show with 48 Thanda images to celebrate both musical pieces. Enjoy them!


… and just in case you are interested here is the image list:

01 – Lion cub at the quarry

02 – Southern Giraffe on the savanna
03 – North pride Lioness at sunrise
04 – African Elephant calf on the move
05 – Cheetah brothers morning routine
06 – Elephant mud bath at Mgankla dam
07 – Lion Cub playing with its older brother’s tail
08 – Two African Elephant bulls on a mission
09 – White Rhino road block
10 – A shy Leopard
11 – Marula tree at sunrise
12 – Burchell’s Zebra staring
13 – Cape Buffalo at sunset on Mgankla Dam
14 – Young Lions in a Marula tree at sunset
15 – Two Burchell’s Zebra fighting
16 – Young Elephant bull’s display in a Fever tree area
17 – Mist at sunrise over Thanda’s South
18 – White Rhino mother and daugther
19 – Black Rhino mother and daugther
20 – Impala ram on a hill
21 – Young Lion after a feast
22 – Excited White Rhino male calf
23 – Spotted Hyena an the savanna
24 – White Rhino and Lion encounter at Zulela dam
25 – Cheetah mum and her cubs in the early morning
26 – Thanda’s north pride of Lions walking into the sunset
27 – The Cheetah brothers on a burned area
28 – Burchell’s Zebra running on the savanna
29 – Cape Buffalo moving towards a waterhole
30 – Lioness at a Wildebeest kill
31 – Thanda’s Elephant herd on the move
32 – Cheetah – A bloody portrait
33 – Cape Turtle Dove landing
34 – Fork-tailed Drongo bathing
35 – Tawby Eagle in flight
36 – African Hoopoe
37 – Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill
38 – Brownhooded Kingfisher
39 – Red-billed Oxpeckers with chick
40 – Green-winged Pytilia
41 – Village Weavers mating
42 – Little Jumbo crossing the road
43 – Dominant male on the move
44 – Sparring for the cameras
45 – Enjoying the north pride Lions
46 – “Shooting” Cape Buffalo
47 – Finished the bath!
48 – Mgankla dam at sunset

4 Replies to “Game Drive Impressions”

  1. Terrific, as always, Christian! I didn’t find a YouTube link in the email itself, but clicked through to the webpage with your link at bottom, and had no trouble viewing the slideshow from there. I shared it on Facebook.

    In other news, I’m preparing for a trip to Antarctica this December, so I have dusted off the camera and am taking a course at Watkins to try to sharpen my skills. I still have the handouts you gave me from your classes at the Nashville Zoo. Hopefully, I can do the scenery and wildlife some justice!

    Best regards, KC Smythe

  2. Another winner Christian! I thoroughly enjoy your weekly emails. You have a dream job! I just can’t afford Africa now, but do go to Central America nearly every year. Did Cuba last January and its Panama right after Christmas this year. We miss you in Nashville! -Charlie Doggett

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