The Small Things!

20131101 - Collage 1155 - E - SIG

It is not all about the Big Five. A game drive on Thanda is much more than just looking at the “famous grand creatures” of the bush.

Enjoying the presentation of a Scorpion by Bheki, one of the experienced Thanda trackers, spotting a male Southern Tree Agama in its “ready for mating” coloration or viewing a African Blood Lily growing in a burned area after the first rains of the season are just some of the special sightings of “Small Things” which make every day in the African bush very special.

One Reply to “The Small Things!”

  1. Absolutely. Always take the time for the little things in life, they make a big difference in this big ole world. Africa has so many beautiful things besides the big five. So thanks for sharing these things with all of us. You are appreciated for doing so. Have a Great Day and Be Safe out there.

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