Steak and Fever Tree!

I had many dinner companions in my life. Some invited, some not. Some pleasant, some not. Some boring, some not.

20140319 - CS3_9919 - ENow this one invited himself, was pretty entertaining and quite pleasant. I had just put sweet corn on the grill when one of Thanda’s young Elephant bulls walked “through” our garden fence and started his dinner devouring some of our yummy looking Fever Trees at Thanda House.

20140319 - CS3_9846 - EHe acknowledged my presence a few times by shaking his head and looking my way. But in each instance he went right back to work on his dinner of yellow trees and grass.

20140319 - CS3_9883 - EAs the sun faded I watched him while I was grilling and eating my steak. At one time he decided to move from one side of the garden to the other and passed my dinner table within 15 meters, not even looking at me or my meal.

20140319 - CS3_9895 - EI usually do not blog twice in a day, but I think this story warrants a special edition 🙂

PS: While I am typing this he is still feeding in the garden. I can no longer see him, but I can hear him 🙂

PPS: I think Coke should pay me some commission for an amazing Coke Zero advertisement shot 🙂 – picture 3! – What do you think?

12 Replies to “Steak and Fever Tree!”

  1. How many people can say they have had an elephant eating in their garden while having supper just wonderful and definately think coke should do something about that
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  2. He says,Something sure does smell good around here. How about a sip of that coke Christian, Please!!

  3. Such great pictures. Such a nice dinner guest Darla


  4. Nice company! Once in Uganda, an even younger elephant came into the lodge garden and ate all the rubber from around the windows of our friend’s Nissan Patrol, my Pajero was not touched…he knew to taste the better stuff 🙂

  5. Looks like a great advertisement for Coke to me. The corn looks wonderful too especially if it has lots of “real” butter on it! Love the elephants…..

  6. Spectacular! The meal looks good, too! 🙂 I agree …the Coke Zero warrants commercial status!



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