Four Drives – A Picture Diary

I drove Thanda Safari guests for the last three days. We had some great sightings and I thought I would share the most exciting sightings with you. So here they are …

It is amazing how many great sightings one can have in only four drives if the weather is right and luck is on your side!

Bloody – The Thanda Safari North Pride Lions were feeding on a Wildebeest kill!

Charge – A Black Rhino bull gave us an exciting mock charge – we had two more Black Rhino sightings!

Morning Light – Two Giraffes were posing for us in the perfect morning light.

A ‘Small Five’ – We found a large female Leopard Tortoise. She was moving into high grass to hide.

Zebras, Zebras and more Zebras – On all four game drives we saw large numbers of general game. Especially the large herds of Zebras impressed the overseas guests.

Growing fast – Thanda Safari’s youngest Elephant is growing fast – I last saw the little one a few weeks ago and he has grown visibly since then.

Naughty – Vervet Monkeys provide great sighting, as long as they are far away from our Villa, our Lodge and our Tented Camp.

A Favorite – One of the favorite sightings over the last two days were Warthogs.

Night time – On the way back to Thanda’s Villa iZulu we had to stop as this young Python was crossing the road. I got out of the game viewer and shot some close-ups.

Relaxed – These White Rhinos were far more relaxed than their ‘black cousins’

Evening Drinks – A herd of Cape Buffalo arrived at a waterhole when we got news about White Rhinos nearby – tough choice!

Many Birds – This European Roller was one of many bird sightings – from small (Blue Waxbill) to large (Common Buzzard)

… and many more sightings!

2 Replies to “Four Drives – A Picture Diary”

  1. WOW! What a tour. You really get some wonderful photos and I look forward to the new ones when I get them. My favorite is the Leopard Tortoise. I am glad she didn’t get completely hidden.

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