My real office!

I was a bit tired of working in the office in front of my PCs so I decided to go on an afternoon photo drive with my Green Mamba 1.

The result was amazing: Lions – Elephants – Rhinos – Buffalo – Zebras – Wildebeests. This is a collection of just one picture for each of these species – I got many more from just one afternoon on Thanda.

That’s my real office!

A young male Lion watching Cape Buffalo in the evening light …
A Cape Buffalo watching me in the evening light 🙂 …
In heavy wind White Rhinos are rather nervous …
An Elephant herd is an impressive sight, especially when seen in the open …
A young Zebra leaving a waterhole with his mum …
And last but not least a very young Wildebeest staying close to its mother …

And a bonus Lion picture of Thanda’s dominant male Lion …  |


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