Help! – My Thanda Cats Book – 2nd Edition

A few weeks ago I have finally started working on the revision of my Thanda Cats book, which is planned to be published soon.

After reviewing almost 5,000 Lion, Leopard and Cheetah images I have come up with a selection of 170 pictures which are candidates to be included in the new book. But only between 20 and 40 images will be added to the existing 90 book pages to create the new edition.

This means I could use some selection help. I would appreciate if as many of you as possible could look over the gallery with the new images and pick your favorites (not more than 20). And it would be good if you could include all three species in your choices – Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs.

Gallery Link:

I am also looking for some great new quotes related to animals, nature, conservation or the world in general. As with the first edition each book page will include a good quote. So please forward me any quote(s) you might like.

Send your image selection and/or quotes via email to From all the ‘help emails’ I receive I will draw one ‘winner’ who will get a complimentary copy of the new book once it is published.

Thanks a lot for your help and good luck!

PS: This is a link to the PDF of the original edition in case you would like to have look: |

5 Replies to “Help! – My Thanda Cats Book – 2nd Edition”

  1. Hi Christian! Hope you are well. Lovely photos as always!

    My favourites are: 1, 25, 32, 36, 43, 81 (love this one!), 120, 142, 141, 153.

    I asked my husband, Martyn and he chose: 4, 13, 35, 36, 71, 106, 154.

    It’s funny how everyone chooses different ones. I had a quick look at your pdf doc (I’ll look properly on my laptop at some point) and those photos look amazing. My phone kept making them jump around but are you including the one with the lion’s paw and tail that you showed us when we were volunteering a few years ago? I love that one!

    Helen 🙂

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  2. Ooh and a quote; “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy.” – Ernest Hemingway

    I love this one as it’s so true! Thanda was my first experience of Africa and since then I’ve volunteered at two other projects in Africa and am totally hooked – I can’t wait to return! 🙂

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  3. Hi Christian. My selection: 8, 12, 15, 28, 40, 46 81 143. And a lot of others but these get my votes.

    Best regards Kjell Larsson, Sweden.

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