Since the ‘South African Covid-19 Lock Down’ started I have posted many wildlife images and videos on my social media channels.

I have also created a new blog and Facebook page for kids (and the young at heart) on which I post a daily Q&A with a wildlife picture ( |

Thanks a lot for all the very positive response to all these posts.

Quite a few of my friends around the world have asked me if I could chat a bit about various wildlife photography topics in my videos and maybe answer questions from viewers.

So here is my first ‘Wildlife Photography Academy :-)’ video. Today’s topic is ‘Smart Phone Safari – yes or no?’

I hope you like it.

If you have ideas for future topics to cover, if you have any questions about photography in general, or wildlife photography in particular then I will try to talk about these in upcoming videos.

Just post your suggestions or questions in the comment section or send an email to

PS: These occasional video posts will be in addition to my daily STAY-AT-HOME and LOCK-DOWN-SAFARI post 🙂


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