An era comes to an end!

No more mirrors …

After over a decade of service I have retired my three DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras – Two Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and one Canon EOS 1Ds). I have replaced them with three new mirrorless cameras (Canon EOS R6 / two with battery grip). All my existing Canon EF lenses are now equipped with RF adapters to work with the new cameras and I have added two new RF lenses to the setup.

*Now I am equipped with modern technology for another decade of exciting wildlife photography!*

The picture collage shows all the ‘old’ equipment (top image) and all the new equipment with all my lenses (bottom image). The picture of the little Cheetah was taken with one of the new cameras.

In case you are interested these are the lenses I now use for my work:

⁃ Samyang RF 14mm/2.8 MF

⁃ Canon EF 17-40mm/4 L

⁃ Canon EF 24-70mm/4 L

⁃ * Canon RF 24-240/4-6.3

⁃ Canon EF 50mm/1.4

⁃ Canon EF 70-200mm/2.8 L

⁃ * Canon EF 70-300mm/4 L

⁃ Canon EF Macro 180mm/3.5 L

⁃ Canon EF 300mm/2.8 L

⁃ * Canon EF 500mm/4 L

(*=The three lenses used most)

I also use two iPhones and two DJI Drones for my work.

If you have any questions just post them in the comment section.

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