My Great-Uncle would have been proud!


In the 1950s and 1960s my great-uncle, Werner Knecht, was a well known food photographer in Switzerland. He would have been proud to know that three of my food images were published in a South African magazine called “Urban Life’n Style”.

Have a look at this article about Pakamisa’s Head Chef Thandeka Nxumalo and her recipes at

pakamisa food

Pakamisa is a private game reserve in KwaZulu Natal focusing on horseback safaris. It features a five star lodge with stunning vistas and an excellent cuisine.

Looking good!

Well, you can attribute the title of this blog either to me, Badger (the horse I am riding), the Giraffe lady (with her admirer) or the fast growing Ostriches on Pakamisa :-). Have a look at all the images!

I am spending again a few of my off-days relaxing at Pakamisa (in very hot weather!)

20150108 - CS4_1388 - PBadger and me (with my special safari hat :-). Picture by Isabella Stepski

20150108 - CS2_9874 - PA lady (left) and her admirer.

20150108 - CS2_9784 - PSmall no longer. Pakamisa’s Ostrich chicks with their mum in the middle.

20150108 - CS2_9773 - PThis young Ostrich was observed by one of Pakamisa’s mares as it moved towards the stables for its evening dinner!


Baccara and Bohemia

I am back from five days at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve with people-, horse-, food- and wildlife- photography – a full program!

This is one of my favorite shots from this stay: Baccara, one of Pakamisa’s Arabian mares, with her daughter Bohemia in the background. With the help and guidance from Isabella Stepski, the owner of Pakamisa, I am steadily improving my “horse photography skills”.

More to come …

20141208 - CS2_2703 - P

A light breakfast with Ostrich :-)

An Ostrich female was grazing on the Pakamisa mountain – just below the restaurant – as I had breakfast this morning. What a view and what a way to start the weekend!

The pictures were taken with my iPhone. I got caught without a camera this morning 🙂




The Horse Photographer :-)

20141121 - CS3_3297 - E - CSP

I love Wildlife Photography but I also enjoy taking pictures of horses in action (with riders or without).

The picture above is of …
… me and Kara, a pure Arabian mare, looking at one another after a photo shoot.
… Isabella Stepski – Pakamisa’s owner – holding Kara.
… Mark – a Pakamisa guest – on Zulu (a Boerperd) smiling at the unusual scene with me posing in front of the camera :-).

Thanks to Daan for taking the picture!

Below are a few more images from my last stay at Pakamisa. Enjoy the variety!

20141121 - CS0_1616 - E
Tina on El Dorado “speeding”

20141120 - CS2_0152 - E
Two geldings on the way to dinner

20141120 - CS2_0170 - E
Excitement at the stables

20141121 - CS3_3047 - E
A Wildebeest with war paint 🙂

20141121 - CS3_3175 - E
New arrivals – Impala fawns appearing all over the place

Another picture of me on Badger – having a good time!

20141120 - CS3_3003 - E
Sunset at Pakamisa



A heron, a band of mongoose and the king of Pakamisa

20141013 - CS3_9378 - E

Sometimes a drive from the Pakamisa lodge to the horse stables can turn into a nice game drive. I first encountered a band of mongoose running across the road and I managed to take a picture as they quickly disappeared into thick bush.

Then I had my first ever sighting of a Black-headed Heron perching on of the stable fences.

20141012 - CS3_8990 - E

And last but not least we encountered a beautiful, dark and very large male Giraffe. His name is Rufus and he is considered the king of Pakamisa 🙂

20141013 - CS3_9385 - E



Pakamisa Dinner Plans!

Two images I took yesterday on Pakamisa.

20141012 - CS3_9309 - E

The first one shows some of the horses looking eagerly out of their boxes for the upcoming dinner.

20141012 - CS3_9236 - E

The second one shows Pakamisa’s Ostrich family at their evening dinner – dad, mum and 16 little Ostriches.


At work!

20140906 - IMG_2283 - E

Isabella took a picture of me while I was setting up for some evening/night time images of the the Pakamisa Lodge. Unfortunately the moon was very bright that night and the wind picked up a lot once daylight was gone, so the twilight images come out well, but the night time shots did not work so well.

These are some of the images I took that evening.

20140905 - CS2_0059 - E2I like this image because it show not only the lodge but its lofty location on top of the Pakamisa hills.20140905 - CS2_0117 - E3Just the right amount of light from the buildings to show the lodge well at twilight.20140905 - CS0_2205 - EColors on the hill – a night time shot!