Lion Yoga …

… just for fun!

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Some of the SPECIAL PERKS when booking a private game drive on the Green Mamba: A set of good rental binoculars for each guest to enhance their game drive experience and the newly installed red flood lights for exciting night drives under the stars!

The Green Mamba is my special game drive vehicle equipped to host photographers and anyone who would like a little extra luxury for their safari. The vehicle features a ‘Morning Nespresso/Cappuccino Bar’, an ‘Evening Martini Bar’, a 13″ Bird Book iPad with sound system and a lot of extra room for photographers to do ‘eye-level-photography’.

The Green Mamba is exclusively available to guests at Thanda Safari.

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Dinner was getting away!

This Zebra spotted two of our male Lions just in time before it was getting to close to these formidable carnivores.

The cats were not in hunting mode – as they still had a fairly full stomach from their last meal – but their killing instinct would have taken over if the Zebra would have gotten to close.

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European Roller – close up!

This is a video clip of a European Roller taken with my iPhone 12 Pro Max this evening. The bird was very relaxed and I was able to drive up to approx 2.5 meters (8 feet). I love its colors!

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I was very lucky to get this shot of Thanda Safari’s largest and smallest Elephant crossing the road together.

We tracked Ellies from the early morning throughout the day and we finally got them in the open around three in the afternoon.

A very enjoyable Long-Nose-Day!

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A lucky pig!

This evening I took this picture of two young Thanda Lionesses chasing a Warthog. The pig got away and the two ladies had to continue their hunt for dinner.

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I love my home …

… no more words are needed!

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Sometimes …

… on a very hot day mammals are just not available for sightings on game drives. They hide in the shade of thick bush and are not visible at all.

At such times smaller creatures like spiders can provide beautiful material for wildlife photography.

On Sunday afternoon I took some guests on a drive down ‘spider alley’ and we observed these fascinating creatures waiting patiently for prey or devouring it.

Here are some of the pictures taken of Golden Orb Spiders, Garden Orb Spiders and Bark Spiders.

My guests enjoyed this special arachnid drive very much!

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Just beautiful!

A Kudu cow in high summer grass. I took this picture last night on Pakamisa.

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