One of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite birds – a Malachite Kingfisher – as a special Christmas treat.

Enjoy the day wherever you are!

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Bird Wednesday – Tawny Eagle

A few days ago I took this picture of a *Tawny Eagle* perched in the late afternoon, backlight by the sun. Tawny Eagles (Aquila rapax) are large, long-lived birds of prey. Like all eagles, they belong to the family Accipitridae. It is estimated that these beautiful birds can reach the age of 16.

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More birds …

I recently did a bit of bird photography … this was one of my favorites … more to come soon …

Picture details: Reed Cormorant | Location: Drakensberg, South Africa
Canon 1D Mark IV | Canon EF500mm f/4L | AV | ISO 1600 | 1/1000s | f/8 | 0.5eV | WB 6500K | free-hand


ID, please ?

20150831 - CS0_2218 - E

Yesterday evening I took these pictures of a strange-looking bird. I am not certain, but I think it is a amelanistic form of a Dark-capped Bulbul. Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance for the input.

BIRDS – Village Weavers mating

20121102 - CS3_0234 - E - THANDA

Since I have posted the image of a strangely colored bird a few days ago – now identified as a Village Weaver – a few of you have asked me about how do Village Weavers normally look like.

So here is an image of a Village Weaver pair mating in front of their nest.