Whenever I am looking at Cassowaries I am reminded of the fact that dinosaurs and birds have a close concestor (last common ancestor).

This is my favorite Cassowary Portrait taken during my time at the Nashville Zoo (

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Cuteness pure! One of my Clouded Leopard images I took many years ago – This is especially for all my friends in Nashville

Many of us have to stay home in this worldwide crisis. So I thought you might enjoy to receive a wildlife image every day of the week until things are back to normal.

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Nashville Memories

Clouded Leopard portrait

An artist named Martyn Norris has recently asked for permission to use one of my Clouded Leopard images as a basis for one of his drawings. I really like the result – thanks Martyn!

And looking at this image took me back to when I was working as photographer and photography teacher at Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. I really enjoyed my time in Nashville and I miss my friends in the Music City USA. I hope to visit again, soon.

If you are travelling to Nashville make sure you visit this excellent zoo –

… and also have a look at Martyn’s other work (if your are on Facebook 🙂 –

Nashville Zoo Memories

20140612 - CS0_2039 - E

I promised a few more images from my recent trip to the USA. I am still working on sorting out all the images, but I had to put these four together to a collage. Thanks to Chris M. for taking me around the zoo during my visit to see all my old friends.

As much as I love my cats at home (Lion, Leopard and Cheetah) I miss the Eurasian Lynx, the Bengal Tigers, the Clouded Leopards and the Cougars/Mountain Lions at the Nashville Zoo. Jackson, the old gentlemen in this picture (mountain lion) is one of my favourite (and one of Heather’s favourite, too :-).

Nashville, Cookeville and the Smoky Mountains

Collage USA 2014

It is almost over – Hard to believe, but my 2014 stay in Tennessee is coming to an end already. On Sunday I will be flying back to Switzerland/Germany.

I had a great time meeting up with a lot of old (and new) friends, giving four talks (with a total of over 350 participants), exhibiting at the Nashville First Saturday Art Crawl, exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for three days and spending time at my favorite place in Nashville: The Zoo.

The collage above shows me at two of the talks in Nashville and Cookeville. The collage below shows me having fun at the Nashville Zoo with the Zoo Elephants, a Clouded Leopard and a Boelen’s Python (Pictures by Heather Robertson and Rick Schwartz).

Thanks for welcoming me again in Tennessee – see you again soon!

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Great response!

20140606 - CS2_1926 - E

About hundred people showed up for yesterday evening’s presentation at the Nashville Zoo. I did not expect such a turnout for my Keppers of the Wild talk. I also held the same presentation earlier in the day for the zoo staff, which was also very well attended.

Tomorrow I will be exhibiting at the Nashville First Saturday Art Crawl (Details at – ZULULAND – WILDLIFE AND PEOPLE IN THE AFRICAN SOUTH


… and next Wednesday I will give another talk TWO YEARS IN THE WILD at the Cookeville Camera Club (Details at


Today’s image is of a Clouded Leopard at the Nashville Zoo. Drupada, a young male, was giving me “the look”!

Back in Nashville!

It is great to be back in Nashville and seeing a lot of my friends in the Music City USA. Yesterday’s talk at the Brentwood Photography Group went very well and I am looking forward to being at the Nashville Zoo all day tomorrow.

In the evening I will be giving a presentation called “Keepers of the Wild” at the Zoo (The event is free to the public –


Back at the First Saturday Nashville Art Crawl


ZULULAND – Wildlife and People in the African South

At the June Nashville First Saturday Art Crawl I will exhibit a few of my recent images, taken around my new home in the Heart of Zululand. Unusally for me, I will also show People images besides Wildlife pictures :-). Come and have a look.

The event at the Nashville Arcade is open to the public. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the Art Crawl!

When: Saturday – June 7, 2014 – 6:00-9:00pm
Where: Ultraviolet Gallery @ Nashville Arcade, Downtown Nashville

Thanks to Amiee Stubbs, who invited me to her UltraViolet Gallery, I am able to exhibit again in Nashville. Amiee is the Official Photographer and Photography Teacher for the Nashville Zoo and Photojournalist for Animal Rescue Corps. She is a very accomplished professional photographer with a wide portfolio ( But her passion is definitely animal photography!

PS: I will also give a few presentations about Photography, Wildlife and Conservation – For more information go to

At the Nashville Zoo …

I20130706 - MG_7500 - E

Yesterday I gave a presentation about my first year in Africa to the Nashville Zoo staff and docents. It went well. The audience enjoyed the sights from Thanda and my comments :-).

Earlier in the day I had a look at the Clouded Leopard cubs at the zoo. This youngster played with me for a while, somewhat roughly 🙂

My visit to Nashville is almost over and I enjoyed meeting with friends and visiting the zoo. Next week I will travel back to South Africa.

… and thanks to Heather I got a picture with me and the cub!