Nashville Memories

Clouded Leopard portrait

An artist named Martyn Norris has recently asked for permission to use one of my Clouded Leopard images as a basis for one of his drawings. I really like the result – thanks Martyn!

And looking at this image took me back to when I was working as photographer and photography teacher at Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. I really enjoyed my time in Nashville and I miss my friends in the Music City USA. I hope to visit again, soon.

If you are travelling to Nashville make sure you visit this excellent zoo –

… and also have a look at Martyn’s other work (if your are on Facebook 🙂 –

5 Replies to “Nashville Memories”

  1. Thank you Christian, this was a superb project to work on. Took a while, but was worth it to make it the best I could possibly make it. The reference was too good not to attempt, with the gorgeous subject and unique pose. Really enjoyed working on this one. 🙂

  2. I think of you every time I go to the Zoo. And, of late, I’ve become friends on Facebook of a handful of photographers that hang out at Radnor Lake. Seems that several are also FB friends with you. Not surprised. Regards.

  3. I enjoyed taking your photography class at Nashville Zoo. But even more following your blog.

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