Not the five!

What a week!

Last weekend I was very busy in the office and teaching photography at Thanda. On Monday I went to Pongola to get my car serviced and for a short visit to Pakamisa. On Tuesday and Wednesday I ran errands in Durban where a met a very cute puppy dog. Yesterday and today I played again catch-up in the office.

But, I still got a bit of photography done. At Pakamisa I took some pictures of Isabella working with one of her horses and at the Thanda House Waterhole (next to my home) I got some good pictures of Elephants, of Giraffes and of a young Lioness. I also shot some good-bye pictures of our young male Lion, who will leave the reserve soon for a new home. And in between I posted one of my favorite Leopard shots (taken in 2006) on Facebook.

So, here is my week in pictures. Enjoy them and the weekend 🙂

PS: As a bonus I added a short Thanda Elephants video – four times the regular speed!

2016 Travel Journal – Days 27 to 31 – Pakamisa

Me and Thanda - This young horse is named 'Love' the same as my home game reserve ...
Thanda and me – This young horse is named ‘Love’ in isiZulu the same as my home – Thanda Safari – Private Game Reserve.

I spent at few days – including my birthday – at one of my favorite places – Pakamisa Private Game Reserve

Pakamisa, as most of KwaZulu Natal, is still suffering under the very dry weather conditions. There has not been any substantial rain for a long time and this winter (dry season) will continue to be very difficult for “man and beast”. It is not the lack of water but the lack of food which is the major threat to grazing species during a drought. Pakamisa is now supplementing food to help its grazer population to survive the winter.

These are a few pictures I took during this relaxing stay. I have a few more days to myself before I will be back to work at Thanda Safari!


Pakamisa Youngsters

Just a few weeks ago Pakamisa celebrated the birth of two new horses. A boy and a girl 🙂

During my recent stay I got to take a few images of the the two youngsters and their mums. And just for fun I have included some wildlife images I took during the stay in the gallery.

Enjoy them!

Horses | Birds | Wildlife | Food | Beautiful Place | Pakamisa!

20150701 - CS3_5146 - P

I spent another five very enjoyable days at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve and did quite a bit of photography work.

These are only a few of the images I took during my stay!

Photo shooting Arabian Horses,20150701 - CS3_4870 - P 2

… taking images of riders cantering on the reserve,20150702 - CS2_4878 - P

… capturing birds in Pakamisa’s beautiful gardens,20150703 - CS1_5280 - P

… working with Pakamisa’s kitchen team on pictures for new menu items,20150701 - CS2_4514 - P

… photographing wildlife on game drives and20150703 - CS1_5291 - P

…. last but not least capturing the beauty of Pakamisa itself.20150703 - CS2_5238 - P

Thanda (my South African work place and home) and Pakamisa are my two favorite places in Africa!

For more information on Pakamisa go to

Patience rewarded!

20150504 - CS1_6372 - C

It took me thirty minutes to get this picture 🙂

This Common Duiker ran off into thick bush when I came around a corner on one of Pakamisa’s roads. I stopped the car, lowered the window, positioned my 500mm lens and then did not move, as the little antelope looked in my direction.

It was very suspicious of this “new thing” on the road and it took almost 40 minutes before it moved out of the really thick stuff and presented itself. I moved the camera very slowly into position and got only three shots before it decided that hanging around here was far too dangerous. It ran straight up a hill and disappeared from sight.

I like to image, which documents the shy nature of these small and extremely fast antelope.